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I wear the Clipdraw with everything from a duty uniform to cargo shorts and even surf trunks. I run, hike, bike, ride and have even swam wearing my Glock 26 with the Clipdraw holding my weapon securely in place.

Well, you were right. I’ve been using the Universal Clipdraw every day for over a month. The bond to the slide had remained firm and secure. I’ll be buying a new Taurus Revolver soon and I plan to order a Universal Clipdraw for it as well.

Just dropping you a note to let you know that I received the new Universal Clipdraws. I think they are fantastic. I have been a police officer for 22 years, the last 15 years for the PA State Attorney Generals Office, BUREAU OF NARCOTICS INVESTIGATIONS. I was assigned to our Special Operations Group (Tactical Unit) and always carried large caliber handguns with the hardest thing being concealment. Well, I can’t think of a better way to carry a handgun. It is fantastic … dependable, comfortable, secure, safe, and if worn properly, easily accessible. It will not interfere with the same handgun being used in a holster if desired. Great job.

At first when I saw your product, I was a bit skeptical. Now that I’ve tried it… I LOVE IT! So simple, yet better than the $200.00 worth of (now) unused holsters in the closet! The best CCW idea yet! Thanks for bringing this to market.

Like most law enforcement officers, I have a box full of contraptions and holsters for the various handguns I’ve carried throughout my career. It’s nice to know that your product works as promised ! ! Although I was skeptical as to how well the Clipdraw would hold my Glock 27, I decided to give it a try.

I live in South Carolina and the weather is very hot and humid during the summer and I hardly carry a gun off duty b/c of the wardrobe requirements (shorts and T-shirt).

I have carried my Glock with the Clipdraw in the most scorching of SC summers without having to wear a concealment garment or having to adjust my pants. I have yet to have the pistol fall out of my pants, as some colleagues suggested, or having to hike up my shorts or wear some strange belt to support the weight.

The Clipdraw works as promised and as a self professed gadget nut, I am extremely pleased with your product. It’s hardly noticeable and extremely comfortable, unlike the box full of holsters and contraptions that I’ve retired and sworn never to use again. The Clipdraw works better than all the fancy custom leather IWB holsters I have purchased. Installation was simple and the Clipdraw can be easily removed.

Thanks again for selling a wonderful product. I’ll be sure to tell and demonstrate the to all of my colleagues.

With sincere thanks,

I have received both the Clipdraw and Saf-T-Blok and both are installed. The directions for both were accurate and concise and I had no trouble following them. I had a very minor stroke about a year and a half ago and while I have lost some dexterity in my right hand, I had no problems installing either the Saf-T-Blok or the Clipdraw.

Good products both. Thanks.

I have been using my Clipdraw for a Glock 30 for several days now. My weapon is much more secure and concealed than with any other off duty holster that I have tried. It was a snap to install. Thanks much.

I recently purchased a Universal Clipdraw #SA, and am very satisfied with it’s convenience and performance. As such I wish to purchase an additional #SA for use with a large frame semi-auto pistol. My check is enclosed.

After 39 years on the job, many of them under cover, I usually scorned using a holster. I’ve always preferred carrying “Mexican style,” as the Clipdraw does allow.

Your product is gaining interest here in Northern California, particularly with police officers working in undercover capacities. Keep up the good work!


OK. You got me. When I saw your product line at your web-site, I searched it thoroughly in order to make sure I ordered the right “clip” for my Taurus model 85. After looking at all of the selections, the universal RV clip was the one. I gotta tell you though, I almost didn’t order it. After all, the clip for the Smith & Wesson looked allot longer than the universal and I decided the universal would simply not work. WRONG! I received it just 4 days ago and despite my mis-givings I installed it as per your instructions, (a virtual “walk in the park” I might add), and stuffed the little 85 in my waistband. I carry all the time and I have never had the secure feeling I have with the Clipdraw! The gun doesn’t budge and the concealment factor is in-comparable.

I have been a firearms instructor for years now and always schooled my students in the use of good gun leather for comfort, safety and concealability. Not any more. I will amend my training and recommend your Clip-draw to all of my future students.

Thank you for an ingenious product!


This is sorta’ one of those, “Damn, if that ain’t the darndest idea” things. I surely hate taking holsters on and off and this is one holster that stays on the gun. I got one for an 1911 series and one for a J-Frame Smith and Wesson and promptly installed them on my guns.

I lived with them for a week or so to try and get a feel as to whether or not this was a good idea for real or just looked good in the package. Well, this is a good idea for real and much to my surprise, the clip worked great on the little revolver. Skyline Technology, the makes of the Clipdraw show the little J-Frame sitting comfortably behind the hip.

I found it to be very comfy tucked into the front of my pants just to the right of center, with the clip slipped over the pant material and not the belt. It virtually disappeared if I kinda’ bloused my shirt over it and got me to thinking. Is this about the best thing going for those new titanium revolvers from S&W, or what?

The Clipdraw for the 1911 models is slick and easy to manage. You simply install it under the right grip panel. I did find that if your belt was a strong, manly-type, the clip wasn’t quite big enough to easily go over it. After some experimenting I decided I liked the clip slipped over my pants material, behind the belt, anyway. It rode more comfortably and the gun was still accessible.

Does it present the gun for a blazing speed draw? Not quite in the case of the 1911, but it seems to be sure, sage and comfortable. Especially if you’re partial to the old “Border Carry” where you just stuff it behind your hip and go to work.