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We received our 2 clipdraw attachments today. The quick and easy installation was nice. And it works great on my revolver and especially on multiple locations of my over-all’s. It’s definitely farmer approved!

As a retired US Army military policeman, I have carried concealed for many years with countless holsters in attempt to find the perfect set up. The Clipdraw has become my favorite way to carry concealed. I highly recommend this quality product to anyone that carries.

“Deputy Sampson here returning a report for the Clipdraw.

Clipdraw is an excellent product, it was put thru the paces, clipped inside the waist band while running , squatting , sitting, and rolling around it stayed in place. Clipped to the inside of the Velcro on the vest it rides well and eliminates bulk that comes with other holsters. Also it stays where ever you put it even upside down!”

This is the first time in my 11 years since retiring from law enforcement that I have felt this comfortable.  Thanks for such a great product, I know that my friends will like it when I show them how easy it is to attach to just about any weapon.
My wife loves it too, her LC380 used to slip out of the holster in her gun purse but now the clip draw holds it firmly in place.

I recently received the Clipdraw and minimalist holster for my Glock 30.

I cannot be more pleased! It is rare when a product exceeds ones expectations. Y’alls did!

Easy to install, works as advertised.

Just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you about my experience with the clipdraw system. I received the clipdraw for my Glock 19, and immediately after putting it on and wearing it around the house I knew I was hooked. As a former Marine, I like stuff that is simple and just plain “works”. Well, this system does just that. I have used slim line IWB holsters before, but even they can’t compete with the clipdraw’s “barely there” feeling. I wear mine on the trails of CO, hiking and other high movement activities. It has never even moved from where I put it. I wear at the 4 O’clock position, and love it. This is a great quality product made right here in the USA, and I put my stamp on it. Semper Fi!

I have been using the Clipdraw system on my Taurus PT140 for 8-9 years now in both undercover and patrol assignments and simply love it.

I have used a Clipdraw on my Glock 26 for over 5 years. As a Deputy Sheriff in West Texas, I am required to be armed 24/7 and our policy is concealed carry off duty. The Clipdraw is the easiest, strongest and most comfortable option I have found. I wear the Clipdraw with everything from a duty uniform to cargo shorts and even surf trunks. I run, hike, bike, ride and have even swam wearing my Glock 26 with the Clipdraw holding my weapon securely in place. I prefer the “small of the back” carry but have used my Clipdraw with the “inside the waistband” and “cross draw” carries as well. In all the carry options ease of draw and solid retention are the same.
The lifetime warranty is just what it implies, a free replacement with no questions asked and professional, friendly courtesy from no matter who you speak to should there ever be a problem with your Clipdraw no matter how long ago you got it.
I highly recommend the Clipdraw for Law Enforcement and CHL holders who want an easy, solid and comfortable high activity concealed carry option.


Thank you for your continuous support of Law Enforcement. Your product and customer service is exceptional. The clip draw has given me a sense of security knowing that my handgun will always be available while I carry off duty. I strongly recommend clip draw to other Law Enforcement Officers, and to my own family. Thank you.

I recently ordered a Clipdraw from your company and received it in record time I wasted no time putting it on my Glock 30. I have been to the range several times and found no problems with the Clipdraw installed. It is secure and very well concealed. I am now retired but was a law enforcement officer for 30 years and never found a better way to carry concealed. I also ordered the trigger block and love the sense of security it gives. It also works flawlessly.



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