1911 Standard/Compact


For Model 1911 Pistols (attaches on right side only)

Made from specially tempered spring steel with black powder coating or nickel plating.

Compatible with Ambi-Safety

Clipdraw fits these fine hand guns:

  • Part #R1911 fits: Model 1911 Standard Frame, Model 1911 Commander
  • Part #ROM fits: Colt Officer’s Model, Colt Defender, Colt Compact


PLEASE NOTE: Parts #R1911 and #ROM will fit custom clones built on these EXACT same frames. Parts #R1911 and #ROM will NOT fit other models such as Para-Ordnance, Beretta, Browning, Glock, etc.

Model 1911 Pistols/Colt Installation Instructions


  1. Check to be sure gun is not loaded.
  2. Remove grip screws and grip.
  3. Install Clipdraw on right side.
  4. Replace grip and tighten screws.