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Florida to Reduce Concealed Carry Permit Fees – Again

The state of Florida has announced that effective July 1st, 2017, they are reducing the concealed carry permit fees by $5 for both first-time applicants and permit renewals. The office of Adam Putnam, Commissioner of Agriculture for the state of Florida, released a statement regarding the fee change, which Putnam’s office worked on with state […]

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Armed Bystander Stops Assault in Fairbanks, Alaska

In early June, an armed bystander in a Walmart parking lot stopped an assault, preventing significant injury to the alleged victim and allowing for the arrest of the alleged assailant. Late in the evening of June 3rd in Fairbanks, Alaska, the victim and his girlfriend were driving down Steese Highway when they were passed by […]

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Concealed Carry Laws and Gun Owners in the News

Update: North Carolina – PASSED! House Bill 746, which allows gun owners to carry a concealed weapon in the same places they can currently open carry, passed the North Carolina House of Representatives on June 8th, 64-51. The bill now moves to the state Senate for review and vote. Update: Michigan – PASSED! The Michigan […]

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Concealed Carry Bills Continue to Move Forward

Concealed carry laws in multiple states continue to wind their way through the legislative system. Several of them have made progress in just the last week. North Carolina: Update A bill to eliminate the need for a concealed carry permit, in most cases, passed the North Carolina House Committee on Finance just last week. The […]

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President Trump Speaks at NRA National Convention

On the very day that President Trump wrapped up his first 100 days in office he spoke to the attendees of the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia. On Friday, April 28th, 2017, the President took the stage at the NRA convention, with an expected attendance of roughly 80,000 people. Trump took the opportunity […]

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NRA Announces Carry Guard Concealed Carry Training and Insurance

Ahead of their annual meeting in Atlanta, GA, at the end of April, the National Rifle Association has announced a new concealed carry program. Complete with both training and insurance, Carry Guard, the most comprehensive training that the NRA has ever offered. “Carry Guard really is another major extension in the NRA’s efforts with respect […]

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