Universal Clipdraw Belt Clips
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Concealed Carry Belt Clip for Semi-Autos



  • Fits ALL Semi-Automatic Pistols
  • Mounts on Right or Left Side
  • Adjustable for Depth of Carry
  • Black & Silver Available
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Product Description


Minimalist Concealed Carry Belt Clips for Semi-Autos

 SA Engraving Final

Mounts on ANY Make and Model Pistol

Secure Concealment – Quick to Draw from IWB Position

No Printing – Clipdraw Provides the Slimmest Possible Profile

 Adjustable for Depth of Carry

Mounts on Either Side of Pistol

The Best Pistol ‘Holster’ for Concealment

No Gunsmithing!clipdraw worn underneath a shirt

No Drilling or Tapping!

Simple Drop-in Installation!

Mounts with 3M Corp. #4941 VHB (Very High Bond) Double Coated Adhesive


  • 3M VHB holds INDEFINITELY unless YOU choose to remove it!

  • VHB Adhesive provides full adhesion on steel, aluminum or polymer surfaces

  • No Residue left behind on pistol if you remove the Clipdraw

  • Extra Adhesive Strips (6 Total) included standard with each order

  • We stand behind our products and offer Full Money Back Guarantee (including shipping) if you are unsatisfied with your Clipdraw

ANY Make or Model Semi-Auto Pistolfully installed from different angles

Requires just 3″ × ¼” of flat surface – Can be serrated, grooved, textured or smooth areas

Extremely Versatile – Mounts on:

  • Left or Right Side

  • Slide or Frame

  • Steel, Aluminum or Polymer Surfaces

  • Large or Small Frame Semi-Autos


3M’s VHB Adhesive Strength Video

Included in your Universal Clipdraw Order:clipdraw on different sized pistols

  • Mounting Plate
  • Clip 
  • Six strips of adhesive 
  • Six alcohol prep pads for cleaning surfaces prior to applying adhesive
  • Four screws (two required and two extras)
  • One Allen Wrench

how to install a clipdraw





two handguns side by side


Adjustable for Depth of Carry

  • Mount forward for higher carry and maximum access

  • Mount further back for deeper carry and maximum concealment

Mounts on Either Side

  • Mounts on Left or Right side

  • Mounts solidly on serrated, engraved, textured or smooth surfaces

Slide or Frameleft and right side of a firearm

  • Mounts on the slide or frame – any surface

Adhesion unaffected by Gun Cleaning Fluids, Oils, Body Sweat, etc

  • Clipdraw can be left in place when cleaning your pistol

Compatible with Ambi-Safeties and Laser Grips

Adhesive holds INDEFINITELY unless you choose to remove Clipdraw


Always be Prepared:
Any Situation, Any Pistol, All the Time

clipdraw worn with a suit and belt

Carrying with your Traditional Holsteru-8

In most cases, your Clipdraw will work with a traditional holster.  However, switching to a holster is simple. Just remove the clip part and in most cases the gun can be holstered with the low profile mounting plate left in place. No need to remove and replace the adhesive each time.



Semi-Auto Installation Instructions — #SAu-9

  1. #SA Clipdraw mounts anywhere on your pistol with adequate mounting space.
  2. Mounting plate with threaded screw holes attaches with double-sided VHB mounting adhesive.
  3. The clip part is screwed to the mounting plate.


Semi-Auto Removal Instructions – #SA

  1. Using a flat blade or flathead screwdriver, break the bond between the adhesive and your pistol.
  2. The adhesive will easily peel off with no residue left behind on your pistol.
  3. Each adhesive strip can only be used one time.  Do not try to re-apply same adhesive after removal.


Clipdraw is known for its quality products when it comes to concealable holsters  and gun belt accessories. As an industry leader we have consistently designed tools that help you go about your day while staying maintaining comfort and accessibility. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more videos that demonstrate how to install and carry your pistol with the product properly in place.