A recent article in GUNS Magazine by Roy Huntington July 1999 Issue

This is sorta’ one of those, “Damn, if that ain’t the darndest idea” things. I surely hate taking holsters on and off and this is one holster that stays on the gun. I got one for an 1911 series and one for a J-Frame Smith and Wesson and promptly installed them on my guns.

I lived with them for a week or so to try and get a feel as to whether or not this was a good idea for real or just looked good in the package. Well, this is a good idea for real and much to my surprise, the clip worked great on the little revolver. Skyline Technology, the makes of the Clipdraw show the little J-Frame sitting comfortably behind the hip.

I found it to be very comfy tucked into the front of my pants just to the right of center, with the clip slipped over the pant material and not the belt. It virtually disappeared if I kinda’ bloused my shirt over it and got me to thinking. Is this about the best thing going for those new titanium revolvers from S&W, or what?

The Clipdraw for the 1911 models is slick and easy to manage. You simply install it under the right grip panel. I did find that if your belt was a strong, manly-type, the clip wasn’t quite big enough to easily go over it. After some experimenting I decided I liked the clip slipped over my pants material, behind the belt, anyway. It rode more comfortably and the gun was still accessible.

Does it present the gun for a blazing speed draw? Not quite in the case of the 1911, but it seems to be sure, sage and comfortable. Especially if you’re partial to the old “Border Carry” where you just stuff it behind your hip and go to work.

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