I’m an old narc who only recently got around to purchasing your product. More to the point, I was a young narc in the cocaine cowboy days. Back then, we all carried either 5 shot revolvers or 1911’s just stuck in our belts, no holsters. Even the best holster I’ve seen adds bulk. And, having spent 20+ years in hot climates, here and overseas, VERY discrete carry was important.

Your product is the most well thought out and convenient device I have encountered. I prefer condition 3 (empty chamber) appendix carry for my Colt Officer’s model. With the Clipdraw, even if I stretch my t-shirt tight around my middle, it still appears to be only a small pager at my waist.

And, by the way, that is my preferred carry out of an abundance of caution. I believe that the 1911 has enough redundant safeties that it will NEVER go off by itself. In fact, I consider it safer then the most popular issue guns, today. It is the human factor under extreme conditions which concerns me. I have no concern at all about speed. I can draw, charge and fire within about 2 seconds (no records are in danger here). But, the old gunfighters were right when they considered speed last, after deliberation and accuracy. Tenths of seconds will not matter. Your adversary can still kill you after he’s been shot through the heart. Just be safe, and don’t shoot yourself.

The comfort, ease of carry, and conceal-ability your product affords, will assure that the first rule of gun fighting is met. “Have your gun with you.”

Good job. Thank you.

(If you choose to share my views, please withhold my name. I’ve got a few years to go before I start drawing my pension.)

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