I just want to comment on the Clipdraw’s construction and versatility on my Glock model 27. I’ve had the clipdraw for over a month and have tried it both on the right side of the slide for side carry and on the left for behind the back carry. Both ways work great for the 27 and make it nearly invisible under a shirt. To make it even better, I can leave the Clipdraw on either side of the slide and it still fits in the Blackhawk C1352 retention holster I use for plain clothes work. The quality is amazing and it retains it tight fit no matter what the Clipdraw is place over. Fit and finish of the kit and hardware that come with the Clipdraw are A-1. After 18 years of trying to find the answer for real concealed carry I have found and HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Clipdraw. Several members of my Department have ordered the Clipdraw based on my demonstrations and all praise it too. Thanks!

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