Frank Latham, Chief of Police, Hewitt, TX

Dear Sir,

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how very much I appreciated the “Clipdraw.” Having carried a .45 ACP Government Model, both Colt and others, for over a decade now both as a duty and off-duty handgun, the Clipdraw has been one of the finest developments I’ve ever come across.

Several reasons… first, it greatly improves the overall .45 weapons system. Instead of trying to locate a belt slide holster (or any other style) to match the belt and boots of that day, with the Clipdraw just slip it on… no worry about a holster. Second, safety and function — equally vital. It slips inside the pants or just inside the belt, however you prefer. It is made for concealment, holding the .45 tight and close. And the spring tension clip securely holds it in place yet does not resist the draw. And regardless of how much it’s holding all day long, when removed, the spring tension returns it to its original position. It does not interfere in any way with the operation of the handgun, it has plenty of room for the slide to cycle, and it is positioned so that even with a custom “ported and polished” enlarged ejection port, it does not interfere with ejected shell casings. Also, it doesn’t detract from the overall finish and appearance of the handgun.

In conclusion, as a peace officer who has carried a .45 ACP for almost two decades, I highly endorse and recommend the Clipdraw as a no-nonsense improvement — equipment that is safe and does its job.

Very truly yours,

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