OK. You got me. When I saw your product line at your web-site, I searched it thoroughly in order to make sure I ordered the right “clip” for my Taurus model 85. After looking at all of the selections, the universal RV clip was the one. I gotta tell you though, I almost didn’t order it. After all, the clip for the Smith & Wesson looked allot longer than the universal and I decided the universal would simply not work. WRONG! I received it just 4 days ago and despite my mis-givings I installed it as per your instructions, (a virtual “walk in the park” I might add), and stuffed the little 85 in my waistband. I carry all the time and I have never had the secure feeling I have with the Clipdraw! The gun doesn’t budge and the concealment factor is in-comparable.

I have been a firearms instructor for years now and always schooled my students in the use of good gun leather for comfort, safety and concealment. Not any more. I will amend my training and recommend your Clipdraw to all of my future students.

Thank you for an ingenious product!

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