Thomas M.

Before I posted a testimonial I wanted to make sure the “clipdraw” really worked. I have seen so many testimonials that were utter “BS” I wanted to make that before I posted one, I had thoroughly tried the “clipdraw” in several configuration. I probably have at least 8 various concealment holsters, some I have custom made and I will tell you; none of them are as comfortable and ease of use as the “clipdraw.” I presently have four of them, one on a Spanish pre-WWII .32 ACP pistol; one on a Walther PPK .380 ACP; one on a Colt 1991A1 .45 ACP and one on a S&W 442 .38 Spcl. They all fit comfortably inside my pants, the cold steel against my skin is no bother, and extraction is quick and smooth. The only thing I find is the .45 Colt is cumbersome to carry, but the “clip” fits it just fine. Thank you so much for this great product and excellent service.

Ordered my clipdraw after an air marshal friend told me about it. Received it in 2 days, installed it on my Keltec PF9 in about 2 minutes. Very secure. If only Plaxico had one of these iside his sweatpants, he’d still be a NY Giant.

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