W. Bushey Deputy Sheriff

I have used a Clipdraw on my Glock 26 for over 5 years. As a Deputy Sheriff in West Texas, I am required to be armed 24/7 and our policy is concealed carry off duty. The Clipdraw is the easiest, strongest and most comfortable option I have found. I wear the Clipdraw with everything from a duty uniform to cargo shorts and even surf trunks. I run, hike, bike, ride and have even swam wearing my Glock 26 with the Clipdraw holding my weapon securely in place. I prefer the “small of the back” carry but have used my Clipdraw with the “inside the waistband” and “cross draw” carries as well. In all the carry options ease of draw and solid retention are the same.
The lifetime warranty is just what it implies, a free replacement with no questions asked and professional, friendly courtesy from no matter who you speak to should there ever be a problem with your Clipdraw no matter how long ago you got it.
I highly recommend the Clipdraw for Law Enforcement and CHL holders who want an easy, solid and comfortable high activity concealed carry option.


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