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Randy K.

We received our 2 clipdraw attachments today. The quick and easy installation was nice. And it works great on my revolver and especially on multiple locations of my over-all’s. It’s definitely farmer approved!

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Carlos S.

just got the universal clip for my 380 Bersa Thunder.  It’s everything I hoped and more.  I was having trouble finding a comfortable holster so I bought the clip draw I used all day yesterday and I’m very satisfied.  I just bought another:)

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Andrey I. – FL

Love your products, the universal clip draw is awesome.  After 13 years in law enforcement and seven in the army, as a unit armorer and firearms instructor. These things just work, especially while living in South West Florida and stationed in El Paso Texas, where you can’t usually wear a “good belt and holster” like they talk about on the Internet forums. 

I’ve had my two universal clip draws on numerous firearms. They fit my Glocks, Kahrs, Springfield Armory XD’s. Always carried great with the clip draw
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James R. – TX

My wife gave me a clipdraw for Christmas and I’ve been carrying my Glock19 every day.. i find its more comfortable than any holster i have ever owned.. love this product..

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Joseph S. – NY

I just got mine yesterday. I installed it with ease on my M&P Shield (w/safety) I like how it rides low along the pant line, yet easy to draw from.

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Sean B. – PA

Clip draw is phenomenal, I’ve had many different holsters and this is by far the most comfortable way to carry that I have discovered. Clip draw is absolutely amazing

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Paul P.

I have purchased many in the pants holsters for my Glock 19, and can’t seem to find 1 comfortable enough to wear all day. I prefer to carry front right and for a while just would just rather carry without a holster, but certain movements would cause my firearm to slip. Clipdraw has been the perfect solution for me. I am able to carry concealed all day, working and not have any issues what so ever. Great product, highly recommended for the everyday cc.
Thank you Clipdraw

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Galen D.

I have the clip draw for my taurus slim pro. I love it! Its so comfortable that i forget its there. It doesn’t print, even under just a t shirt. The adhesive backing is very strong.

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Josh W.

Used several different holsters even after buying clipdraw but somehow I always go back to it. Love carrying with it and by far has the best concealment for my G26.

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