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W. Bushey Deputy Sheriff

I wear the Clipdraw with everything from a duty uniform to cargo shorts and even surf trunks. I run, hike, bike, ride and have even swam wearing my Glock 26 with the Clipdraw holding my weapon securely in place.

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W. Bushey Deputy Sheriff

I have used a Clipdraw on my Glock 26 for over 5 years. As a Deputy Sheriff in West Texas, I am required to be armed 24/7 and our policy is concealed carry off duty. The Clipdraw is the easiest, strongest and most comfortable option I have found. I wear the Clipdraw with everything from a duty uniform to cargo shorts and even surf trunks. I run, hike, bike, ride and have even swam wearing my Glock 26 with the Clipdraw holding my weapon securely in place. I prefer the “small of the back” carry but have used my Clipdraw with the “inside the waistband” and “cross draw” carries as well. In all the carry options ease of draw and solid retention are the same.
The lifetime warranty is just what it implies, a free replacement with no questions asked and professional, friendly courtesy from no matter who you speak to should there ever be a problem with your Clipdraw no matter how long ago you got it.
I highly recommend the Clipdraw for Law Enforcement and CHL holders who want an easy, solid and comfortable high activity concealed carry option.


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Det. R Sanchez New Mexico CID

Thank you for your continuous support of Law Enforcement. Your product and customer service is exceptional. The clip draw has given me a sense of security knowing that my handgun will always be available while I carry off duty. I strongly recommend clip draw to other Law Enforcement Officers, and to my own family. Thank you.

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L.B., Iowa

I recently ordered a Clipdraw from your company and received it in record time I wasted no time putting it on my Glock 30. I have been to the range several times and found no problems with the Clipdraw installed. It is secure and very well concealed. I am now retired but was a law enforcement officer for 30 years and never found a better way to carry concealed. I also ordered the trigger block and love the sense of security it gives. It also works flawlessly.

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Bob M.

I put the Clipdraw on my Taurus PT-92, a full size 9mm pistol (34oz) + 17 rounds and it held great…then I removed it and put it on my carry gun, a Walther PPK/S .380 and it’s amazing. Living in south Florida seldom do I wear a windbreaker or a jacket and it conceals great with just a shirt.

Great product.

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Brian, West Virginia

I purchased a universal #SA and #GL for a Glock. They are really nice. Great job. I ordered the #GL for my buddy, he really likes it too. We use them for CCW and they work great for that. I myself went and bought three holsters, I didn’t like any of them. We both like to carry Mexican style and Clipdraw works great for that. You have no extra weight or something big (like a holster) to worry about. Clipdraw holds the gun very good in place. Thanks for making a very good product.

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Jon, Minnesota

I just wanted to commend you on your excellent product. I received my universal Clipdraw the other day, installed it on my Beretta Tomcat (my preferred concealed carry pistol) within a few minutes, and I couldn’t be happier. The little pistol now disappears under even a t-shirt, and it is much more comfortable, convenient, and discreet than any other carry method I have ever used. As far as I’m concerned, the Clipdraw is the best thing going for lawful concealed carry. It is genius in its simplicity and ease of installation.

Well done!

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I’m an old narc who only recently got around to purchasing your product. More to the point, I was a young narc in the cocaine cowboy days. Back then, we all carried either 5 shot revolvers or 1911’s just stuck in our belts, no holsters. Even the best holster I’ve seen adds bulk. And, having spent 20+ years in hot climates, here and overseas, VERY discrete carry was important.

Your product is the most well thought out and convenient device I have encountered. I prefer condition 3 (empty chamber) appendix carry for my Colt Officer’s model. With the Clipdraw, even if I stretch my t-shirt tight around my middle, it still appears to be only a small pager at my waist.

And, by the way, that is my preferred carry out of an abundance of caution. I believe that the 1911 has enough redundant safeties that it will NEVER go off by itself. In fact, I consider it safer then the most popular issue guns, today. It is the human factor under extreme conditions which concerns me. I have no concern at all about speed. I can draw, charge and fire within about 2 seconds (no records are in danger here). But, the old gunfighters were right when they considered speed last, after deliberation and accuracy. Tenths of seconds will not matter. Your adversary can still kill you after he’s been shot through the heart. Just be safe, and don’t shoot yourself.

The comfort, ease of carry, and conceal-ability your product affords, will assure that the first rule of gun fighting is met. “Have your gun with you.”

Good job. Thank you.

(If you choose to share my views, please withhold my name. I’ve got a few years to go before I start drawing my pension.)

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P.K., Police Officer, Wisconsin

The Clipdraw is so nice for CCW. It keeps my little Glock 27 perfectly inside a suit coat or winter jacket. I don’t like to mess around with holsters when carrying concealed. I find that some holsters actually make it easier for people to spot a weapon on you. The Clipdraw cures that. It’s beautiful! And it’s well made. Very high quality. I’ve had it for a little over a year now, and I can’t imagine life without it!

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M-1911 Pistols Home Page — Product Tests

Clipdraw is an ingenious idea. It is a very inexpensive device, which when attached to your M-1911 pistol, allows you to carry it Mexican-style (i.e. in your waistband, without a holster), safely and securely.

As you probably already know, the “M-1911 Pistols Home Page” is sponsored by Skyline Technologies Inc., the makers of the original “Clipdraw.”

Some days ago, I received a sample of this device, for testing and evaluation. Here are my findings:

Clipdraw is an ingenious idea. It is a very inexpensive device, which when attached to your M-1911 pistol, allows you to carry it Mexican-style (i.e. in your waistband, without a holster), safely and securely. Clipdraw is made of spring steel and comes either in blue steel, or in nickel plated versions. It consists of a metal plate, which is shaped exactly like the bottom part of the right grip panel of your gun (with two properly aligned holes to match the grip bushings on your pistol) and a protrusion which aligns itself with the slide of the pistol (more or less, have a look at the attached photo). In order to install Clipdraw, all you have to do is unscrew the right grip panel, insert it on the right side of your pistol, and screw the grip again on top of it. You are now ready to put your gun inside your waistband. The protruding part of Clipdraw is supposed to ride above your trousers and belt. There, you are now ready. Walk, run, jump, do whatever you like, the pistol will stay put, where you want it.

So how well does the Clipdraw work?

Well, some days ago, I had to rush out for some errant, and I put my bigmouth in my waistband, at the small of my back. I had to return to my desk to get my mobile phone, at which time the elevator appeared. I had to rush to it, in order not to miss it. Oooops! I just managed to catch the pistol, just before it started its way down my pants! I tried the same exercise with Clipdraw installed. Guess what? The pistol stayed there, no problem at all. So as a secure means to carry your pistol inside your waistband, without a holster, the answer is “yes, Clipdraw works.”

Some more thoughts on this item. First, what are its advantages?

Well, for one, it is always attached to your gun, so you do not have to bother looking for the holster or a string (a popular way to carry Mexican-style) or even bother to move your holster from one pair of pants to another. Second, the device is very inexpensive, so cost is not an issue. Three, it is virtually indestructible. Four, it can be attached and removed very easily (just unscrew the two left grip screws). Five, it does not interfere with the controls of the gun (well, almost, part of the slide gripping serrations are covered by Clipdraw, for people with large fingers, that can be a slight problem). Six, the tension of the protruding edge of the device together with your belt, is enough to hold the gun positioned where ever you put it, while in the same time not hindering a quick draw.

Disadvantages? I can think of a couple. After you install the device on your gun, usage with other holsters is not always possible, without first removing Clipdraw. Some models might work, some others simply cannot be used. Not a big disadvantage per se as you do not actually need a holster with this thing attached, but one that should be noted. Also, when Clipdraw is attached to your M-1911, the front of the barrel is canted upwards a bit, when the gun is left on a flat surface, like on a table with its right side down. This is not a problem itself, except that in this position, the gun is a bit more difficult to grab in a hurry, since the pistol’s rear end is closer to the table than before. Of course, this does not happen if the left side of the pistol is facing the table. Other minor criticism concerns the fact that Clipdraw can not be used with a pistol which uses an ambi thumb safety. Again, this is a minor issue, as this can be easily corrected with a little filing of the device, at the area where the ambi safety’s tongue is moving. And of course this is not a problem if your safety uses the sear pin to secure the right part of the safety, instead of the tongue moving under the grip panel (a much better approach in my opinion).

Overall, Clipdraw seems to be an ingenious, cost-effective device, which can help you carry your pistol safely, if you favor the Mexican style.

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