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Mark C. – CT

I just installed one on my XDS .45 it’s a Sturdy design and guaranteed. Unfortunately I purchased two belly bands and four holsters before this……I’m finally pleased!

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John H.

Just received mine today and love it. Installed on a Sig Sauer P290rs. It is way more comfortable than any holster I have used in the past. Need to get a few more. Probably gonna be giving these out for gifts.

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Kohen S.

I’ve been wanting to try the Clipdraw on my Springfield XD-M for a while now and finally ordered one. To my surprise it extremely easy to install. Just a couple minutes and it was on and ready for action. I am absolutely thrilled with the product. It holds fantastically and is very comfortable while allowing for a lot less bulk. It’s truly an exceptional product and I will definitely be ordering for other firearms and recommend to others! Awesome product!!

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Justin L. – Virginia

Gotta say I was skeptical but after using this thing for a week I gotta say you all have nailed it. Simple, light weight, affordable and it simply works. That’s coming from a guy who has purchased crossbreed, alien gear, fobus and blackhawk. I’ll make sure all of my friends see your product.

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UC Dect. – TX

FYI I worked undercover at a Task Force for 10 years and the Glock 27 with the Clipdraw was my primary undercover gun and the clip worked great!!!  No one ever observed my gun and on the several occasions I needed to access it  I was able to quickly.

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Kyle B. – Illinois

I just want to say what a wonderful experience I have had with this company. I ordered a Clipdraw universal clip for my Taurus TCP and it works exactly as advertised. I’m actually surprise with how well the adhesive works. In fact the adhesive works so well that one day I had my TCP tucked in the rear of my pants and I’m not sure what happened exactly but the clip must have caught on something when I was sitting in the car because the clip got bent sideways a little. No worries though, I emailed Clipdraw and they responded the same day and were happy to replace it for me under warranty at no charge! That is some serious customer service which is exactly what I want with a product that I depend on greatly to keep my firearm secured firmly in my waistband where I want it.
Thanks Clipdraw!
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Ben – Janke Custom Arms Utah

I received my first order from you guys last Thurs, and right away I put one on a S&W Shield. I carried it all day everyday since Thurs, doing chores in the barn, working on the tractor, riding 4wheeler in the mountains, doing yard work, even cutting fallen trees and loading wood from the wind storm we had last weekend. I couldn’t even tell it was there and with all the activity it never moved. I have to say I am very impressed with the clipdraw and happy to be working with you guys. The clipdraw as far as I am concerned is the best way to carry.

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Chris W. First Sergeant US Army Retired

As a retired US Army military policeman, I have carried concealed for many years with countless holsters in attempt to find the perfect set up. The Clipdraw has become my favorite way to carry concealed. I highly recommend this quality product to anyone that carries.
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Deputy Sheriff D. Sampson – TX

“Deputy Sampson here returning a report for the Clipdraw.

Clipdraw is an excellent product, it was put thru the paces, clipped inside the waist band while running , squatting , sitting, and rolling around it stayed in place. Clipped to the inside of the Velcro on the vest it rides well and eliminates bulk that comes with other holsters. Also it stays where ever you put it even upside down!”

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