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Monty, Jefferson, GA

Bow season opens so early here in Georgia its always on my mind to carry my small .38 with snake shot. However, it has never been easy because of the holster on your side that always seem to snag everything. With my new Clipdraw, the pistol is concealed, and off of my belt to no longer snag everything. This weekend I had an encounter with a Timber Rattler and I was able to quickly draw my pistol and take him before he could take me! I will be installing the Clipdraw, on all the handguns I ever plan to carry while in the woods. AWESOME, AWESOME product!

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As a full time L/E officer since 1993, I have a closet full of old holsters that I tried using to carry off duty. Now those are collecting dust in a common box in the basement. Glock 23 clipdraw, Glock 36 clipdraw, Taurus Public Defender, clipdraw, S&W .380 clipdraw. All of your clipdraws work great and live up to the claims others make about them. Thanks so much for a quality product and for making us in L/E more secure carrying off duty in this day and age of gun related events. Faithful customer.

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Jack J., Texas

I rarely do testimonials on products but felt I would in this case. I have been a satisfied Clipdraw customer for a long time. I depend on them daily. Never a failure. I recommend this product to all who appreciate a quality product at a great price. I recently experienced how very well Clipdraw supports customers. Thank you Clipdraw!

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John M.

I researched your product on the Internet and viewed You Tube reviews. I was a bit worried that the butt of my Glock would shift, as was reported in one of the You Tube video’s. Well, that’s not the case. I wear the Clipdraw on a Glock 26 at the 2 o’clock position and it stays put. I am not exactly petite, having put a few pounds on over the years, and this is the best concealed carry holster I have ever experienced. I prefer to use a Kydex Trigger Guard, kind of a pull that covers the entire trigger, since I carry condition one. For me this is optimal access, concealability and with a safe carry.

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I’m a retired Senior Principal Engineer and my 40+years in product development informs my opinion here. I am a BIG guy, 400+ pounds, and concealed carry is difficult. The added buld of a holster makes it nearly impossible, until the Clipdraw. “No holster” makes it the perfect product for a big guy like me. The pistol virtually melts into my body. Easily drawn, easily replaced. As far as using VHB tape, I’ve used it in my designs, even holding big-rig truck body panels in place. It’s tough stuff and I have no second thoughts about its capability. I have Clipdraws on all my hand guns now and haven’t found one I can’t mount it on, from my Beretta PX4 Storm .40 S&W to my Smith and Wesson .380 Bodyguard

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L. Davidson

Product & Customer Service Review:

During busy holiday rush and terrible storms, I received the wrong Clipdraw Product. Notified company via email and got a response next day telling me the correct product was on the way.

I received it, and as stated it was easy to install and works great.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for affordable and reliable conceal carry options.

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Dale C., Palm Bay, FL

I recently purchased a Clipdraw for my SD40VE. I have a OWB holster for it already, but I am not allowed to carry at work. I got the Clipdraw so I could have an alternative method for my firearm. I have seen many reviews on the internet and decided to make up my own mind. I am glad I purchased the product. The shipping was quick, and the installation of the Clipdraw was effortless. The product works perfectly. The best part is, I do not have to remove it when I feel the need to holster my weapon. I would suggest the product to anyone who wants to carry a firearm. Thank you for making a product that actually performs the way it should.

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