Glock Saf-T-Blok

GUNS & AMMO’s Best Buy for ‘98 and ‘99

Over 70,000 now in use by U.S. law enforcement professionals!

stbrightPrevents Accidental Discharge
Saf-T-Blok behind the trigger safety augments the Glock safe-action trigger to prevent accidental discharge. It’s especially effective for unconventional carry… in a fanny pack or tucked in the belt, etc.




stbejectsEjects Instantly
Saf-T-Blok snaps easily into place and stays firmly in place until it is ejected by the trigger finger. Independent tests by Performance Shooting, Inc. showed that “0” time was added to draw and fire the weapon.




stb20leftVirtually Undetectable
Saf-T-Blok is made from tough carbon filled polymer textured to match the Glock. When installed goes unnoticed and can prevent your own gun from being used against you during a gun snatch.



Locking feature prevents off-duty accidents
Saf-T-Blok provides the safest and most reliable trigger lock available! Simply insert a small lock (not included) through the locking port.


Available for all Glocks (right or left hand shooters)
Saf-T-Blok added new models in 1998 for a precise fit on the redesigned Glock frame. Glocks manufactured starting in 1998 have finger grooves on the grip. Glocks manufactured prior to 1998 do not have finger grooves.

  • #4R – (right hand shooters)
    fits all post ’98 Glocks – Including Model 42
    also fits pre ’98 models 29 and 30
  • #4L – (left hand shooters)
    fits all pre and post ’98 Glocks Including Model 42
  • #2R – (right hand shooters)
    fits all pre ’98 Glocks – excluding models 29 and 30